my first baby – eeks!

Best friends are awesome

My best friend is here! Omg she is a godsend… she is doing EVERYTHING. She cleaned my kitchen for three hours her first day here (i wonder if it was THAT dirty lolz), she has been making me treats and dinners. She massages me. And she goes on long walks with me.

Today we went on a 3 mile walk in hopes of inducing labor. Yeah right. I didnt even get one lousy contraction. I really really really want the baby to come while she is here since she is such a strong support for me and is taking care of everything. However, this baby seems to have different ideas.

Tonight, dinner consists of an amazing fresh mozzarella and tomatoes salad, Italian style Fettuccini Alfredo (apparently the American version isnt as great), cheesy baguette and for dessert we get delicious French apple tart. I am getting SO spoiled 😀 and I’m loving it. She made me cream cheese wontons for lunch that i could not stop popping into my mouth. Cream cheese wontons are my all time favorite Chinese food and she remembered that 😀

So hearing all this, I am sure you all agree that it would be not only good, but absolutely necessary to have my bestie be here during my labor, delivery and some of recovery.

I am actually starting to panic since I wanted the baby to have come yesterday. However I’m trying to keep my cool and just coax baby out. I am taking primrose oil, walking a ton, doing squats and bending over activities. I sure hope these things work!

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Any day now!

So I had a midwife appointment today and she basically told me that its going to happen “any day now.” Yikes. I did not think I was showing any signs of labor, but apparently the baby’s position with her head burrowed in my pelvis means shes ready.

Everything else is fine. I am healthy and so is baby. Her heart beat is nice and strong and her movements though limited are as much as they should be.

Im scared :p

Update on the wrist:

I went to my regular doctor (who I havent seen in ages and is 37 weeks pregnant with her first child) since my midwife didnt know too much about my wrist pain/swelling (obviously). She told me I had De Quervain’s tendonitis (so fancy). The treatment while Im pregnant is to take 3 doses of extra strength tylenol in a day, ice my wrist 3x a day and pray that it goes away once I deliver. I also have to get a more rigid brace than I am using. She printed out pictures of the brace and told me where to buy one. the good thing is the other wrist is pretty much usable, if they were both out of commission, I’d be in trouble.
My friend who delivered her baby this past Saturday gave me the low down on everything. What worked, what didnt etc. I feel a lot better. Basically, let your body tell you what to do and do not resist or try to control it. This is the first time in your life that the pain you feel is actually a good thing. I wish I was as strong as her, but its ok, her details made me feel stronger and I will do my best to follow her actions 🙂

p.s. the baby has been kicking away while i write this, every second she is making my tummy pulsate. Good girl!

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Two weeks left!

Two weeks left until my due date… Whoa… I have a feeling baby H will cook a bit longer though… But who ever knows for sure, right?

My friend who was due a day before me went into labor Friday and had her beautiful baby boy saturday morning. So you never know!

My friends are so sweet, they are coming over to meditate to welcome Baby H and also send her good vibes. I don’t really understand whats going on, but i think its so incredibly sweet and love that this baby has a group of people who love her already 🙂

Ive slowed down quite a bit these past few days. Its harder to do things. I cleaned the house today and had to take NUMEROUS breaks, and when i was done i laid down on the couch i fell asleep without meaning to. So yeah, things are definitely different now.

I think we are pretty much ready for Baby H’s arrival, but can you ever be fully ready?

The countdown begins….


Update: 9/6

2.5 more weeks to go! However, I am considered full term now, so baby H can make her grand appearance anytime now and still be perfectly healthy. Thats a scary thought because i am not ready, at least thats how i feel right now.

Baby is perfectly healthy, her current weight is in the 35th percentile (about 5 lbs.) which may sound low, but keep in mind, her parents are Indian and we come small naturally 😉 the doctor examined the ultrasound and said everything is fine, she is growing normally and on schedule. Her heart rate is still strong and fast and she loves moving around inside like crazy. She kicks up a storm whenever i take a few minutes to relax. I kind of like that my little girl will be cute and petite =) i was always tall, skinny and lanky, never in control of my appendages lol.

Yesterday was my midwife appointment and we went over a lot of things. First off i lost two pounds, but they believe its from me, not the baby. I think its just water weight because i feel fine. I actually thought i had gained weight, goes to show how much i know myself. :-p

We went over my birth plan and she actually laughed at me a couple of times x( mean. We discussed some of the points and now we have to revise the plan and hand it in next time.

One thing she told me that worried me is that after you have passed the placenta one thing that happens is that they massage your uterus to help stop the contracting and bleeding. Im not excited about this as it sounds painful.

Btw my midwife thinks i am a candidate for an epidural. Thanks for the vote of confidence! 😦 she thinks i cant handle pain, shes probably right.

Both my wrists are in extreme pain right now, she examined them, didn’t find any swelling or any indication that it may be carpal tunnel. Its possibly just pressure on my nerves from the baby’s extra weight and will vanish after birth. I sure hope so, i cant even make my hair 😦

Speaking of swelling, i amazingly have managed to avoid it entirely. Love it! I guess if you keep on the move, exercise and drink a ton of water, it shouldn’t happen.

I went swimming yesterday again and did about 20 laps and didn’t get tired. The only thing that got me out of the pool was the need to pee! lol! Other than swimming, my exercises have been walking, cooking, cleaning, a bit of archery one day, and grocery shopping. living in the city makes you walk a lot 🙂 and since my weird hip/butt pain is gone (replaced by wrist pain), i can walk a lot more.

The baby is burrowing deep into my pelvis which gives me relief up top but there is quite a bit of pressure downstairs. I always feel i need to pee even when i have just done so.

Baby is so funny, she sometimes pushes herself up and out so much that you can see the exact outline of her cute little body. Or sometimes she swings her little tushy to one side and you can see it plainly sticking out of one side of my tummy. Hehehe. I just take my hand and gently guide her back to the middle 😀 silly baby..

My mom arrived a day ago, it is so much relief and help. Cooking every day was taking quite a toll on me, i still cook some meals, but having the help is definitely a relief. My wrists hurt so much i cant imagine lifting pots or pans. Not having the use of your hands is quite debilitating 😦 I’ve tried ice, bengay, tylenol… Im out of ideas

Ok time for a nap!


Ive been having some crazy pains in my wrists lately. The one in the right wrist started more than a week ago and now there is a pain in my left wrist since friday. I dont understand why 😦


Getting Closer…

I have just over three weeks left! Well for my due date. Whose to say my little champ is coming on time :p we interviewed our pediatricians and one of them said that the first baby usually comes late.

We are pretty much prepare for her arrival. Nothing major pending. I just have to now focus on becoming mentally prepared and maybe work a bit more on my breathing techniques.

We got to see her up close and personal this past Thursday. Ultrasounds at this stage are not done in a case with no risks, but I had spotted a very tiny bit the day before so they just wanted to be extra careful. Turns out it was nothing. During the scan though she turned to look right at us and there is a photograph of her face quite detailed. My niece and nephew were also there and they thought the entire experience was the coolest thing ever. =)


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Hungry and Sleepy

So my pregnancy was quite uneventful from the beginning, barely any symptoms, my food intake didnt increase (actually it decreased a bit) and i had no interesting cravings. However, for the past couple of days, I’ve been a bit hungrier than usual. Nothing really crazy, just a bit. I guess its about time since my weight gain hasn’t been all that much. Nothing worrying at all, the baby is large and in charge.

This is where i have to be careful, cant eat too much of the wrong thing or i’ll get super fat and so will my baby. Eeks!

She has been quite the active little monkey lately, my sister and my friend both say she wants out :-p

Also, last night, i experienced some painful cramping in my lower abdomen and for some weird reason, my inner upper thigh. It was quite painful and walking was not something i could do. Hubby took care of things and today i feel much better. Im not sure what the cramping was about, maybe growing pains?

Im trying to keep the house clean, but little bursts of activity are all i can manage with naps in between. This is my time to rest and my body is surely demanding it!

So in short, i’m eating and sleeping, much like a baby :-p

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What if i go into labor on Labor Day?? Teeeheee


Classes and Packing!

wow baby is becoming so interactive. She is responding to outside stimuli. I noticed this a couple of days ago when I had my ipad resting on the top part of my tummy while I reclined on the sofa. She started kicking at the ipad. I pulled the ipad to the side to check out the tummy to see how it moved and she stopped. I put the ipad back on and she kicked it again. We did this a couple of times and it was hilarious 😀 what a smart little baby! Shes already playing with her mommy! Yep, I am already proud of my baby girl. 

Baby’s room is nearly all set up. I just realized I have a million newborn diapers that only last up to ten pounds. There will be A LOT left over. Not to worry, I have many friends having babies soon and also I would love to donate them to “Room to Grow” which helps disadvantaged babies and children. 

I started laying things aside for the hospital bags. Yes bagS. hehehe. I decided I want three. One for labor and delivery, one for the hospital stay, and one for going home. This way i dont clutter up the hospital with too many things at once and always keep two bags in the car and only one with me at a time. I am sure the hospital staff will appreciate that! The birthing class (will talk about that more later) told us what to expect the hospital to give us and what to bring from home. That was quite helpful I must say. 

The prepared child birth class from Isis was really good but also overwhelming. I had a couple of minor panic attacks during the class but the breathing exercises helped me calm down. Hubby fell asleep during the relaxation period. It was hilarious. I couldnt relax too much because of my sciatica, which btw, magically disappeared when I was sitting on the exercise ball! Need to grab one of those for sure! The class itself was REALLY long and we were both really tired at the end. We left the house at 8am and got back home at 6pm. There was an option to take it 3 nights in a week, but I wanted to get it over with.

I also learned all the risks associated with epidurals versus narcotics. I think I want to stick with narcotics, I think I can do it without the epidural. It will be the hardest most draining thing I will do, I know this. However the long-term risks associated with epidurals are quite unappealing to me. I would rather get my hellish ordeal over and done with that one day rather than deal with infections and what not for months after.

C sections are a huge NOT FOR ME thing. That however is not something you can control if you or your baby really need it. Right now I am fine, the baby is in the head down position (and has been for quite a while). Lets hope that things are good at the time of delivery. We dont want any funny head positions or short umbilical cords etc. Hopefully everything works out because c sections sound HORRIBLE.

She went over other ways to make labor and delivery easier. Including different positions, the importance of massage and how a hot shower could help ease pains. She discouraged baths because the mucus plug is not in place anymore to protect the baby from outside germs. The baby while its inside is in a sterile environment and has been exposed to nothing at all. This is also a good reason to have a natural birth vs. a c section. The mother’s natural bacteria the baby is exposed to during birth is essential to its well-being later on in life. 

She also went over skin to skin contact right after the baby is born and the importance of it. It causes hormone flow and what not. And aides in better breast-feeding. I thought it was a little gross that the baby should be put on the mother’s belly RIGHT AWAY (how about a shower first little one?). However I understand why and I guess I can always clean myself up later :p

My biggest fear being the episiotomy, I asked for some focus on that and how to avoid it. She went over some ways to avoid getting into that situation. Massaging the perinium with oil (GROSS) and doing keigels are helpful. During the delivery, massage with oil and hot compresses also help. Also it is quite a discouraged practice lately to give an episiotomy. The massages and exercise will also help in avoiding naturally occurring tears. 


The instructor was great and very kind and soothing. I wish she would be there for me during labor and delivery. However I am sure she costs a lot! 

The next class we are going to take is the Newborn Essentials class. Hubby is interested in this one a lot since it involves him more than labor and delivery does. 😀 How to care for a newborn, well I guess it will help me too actually!


Today a stranger told me today that I’m going to be a cool mom. I can now die happy 🙂